I couldn’t understand Jewish hatred for Donald Trump until I read the Jerusalem Post

The reaction against Donald Trump’s run for the White House has been shocking for the sheer ferocity of it. There has been nothing in my lifetime even approaching the intensity of the political venom Trump absorbs daily from a wide swath of the political class. And at the howling center of that opposition to Trump, seemingly united as one, is the near entirety of the Jewish commentariat.

Trump is “a violent demagogue concerned with his own aggrandizement and power”, writes Jay Michaelson at the Forward, and “the flame of American hate”, adds Jane Eisner. He is a “populist rabble-rouser” (James Traub, New York Times),  an “angel of destruction” and “loveless” (David Brooks, New York Times). Inevitably, he is “Hitler” (the always brilliant, Bill Mahrer).

Self-described Jewish conservative, Bethany Mandel, received a flood of anti-Semitic hate in her Twitter feed after tweeting that Trump supporters are anti-Semitic. The response so surprised and terrified her she bought a gun and promises to learn how to shoot it. The rise of Trump, Ms Mandel warns, threatens Jews everywhere with hateful tweets and she encourages all her fellow Jews to follow her (to the shooting range, not on Twitter).

Support for Trump is support for terrorists, argues Thomas “Cakewalk” Friedman in the New York Times. Donald Trump “may be a deal maker”, wrote Friedman, “but he’s no poker player ready for the Middle East five-card stud sharks. His xenophobic rhetoric and unrealistic, infantile threats of massive bombing make up the kind of simplistic hand you’d play in ‘Go Fish’ — not in this high-stakes game” (see Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting’s Jim Naureckas’s beautiful response to and devastating take down of the execrable Friedman).

There’s no denying Jews really really hate Trump. But why? His daughter married a Jew and converted. His grandchildren are being raised Jewish. He recorded a campaign ad for Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Donald Trump. Jews hold high positions in his companies. He says all the right things on Israel to a worrying degree.   Truly perplexing.

It wasn’t until I read a piece in the Jerusalem Post attacking Trump that I got an answer. While acknowledging that he has “consistently and strongly supported Israeli positions”, Trump, explains Israel’s leading paper, has “proposed policies and made statements that no Jew can in good conscience accept or identify with”.

And what might those unconscionable policies and statements be?

Outweighing Trump’s support for Israel, “Trump’s statements on prisoners of war, Jewish campaign contributions, immigration and entry to the US have touched on a very raw Jewish nerve”.

The first two reasons cited, statements on prisoners of war (the paper pretends Trump’s less than reverent comments on John McCain offended Israel’s commitment to Israeli prisoners of war) and Jewish campaign contributions (Trump’s gibe about not needing them offended the Israeli sense of humor) weren’t even policy proposals; they can be dismissed. The Jerusalem Post included them as camouflage. The real reason no Jew can accept Donald Trump is the third reason cited: his immigration policy proposals.

Now, Donald Trump is no immigration restrictionist; he even seems susceptible to cheap labor arguments and the Statue of Liberty mythos. Trump has made, in fact, only two solid immigration restrictionist policy proposals: he proposes to build a wall on the southern border, and he proposes the US temporarily halt Muslim immigration until we can figure out what’s going on.

And that’s what has the Jews—even in Israel—turned up to eleven.

The Jerusalem Post notes the historical benefit to Jews of mass immigration and cites past immigration restrictions as the cause of Jewish suffering. “Millions perished”, the paper charges. “Therefore, Jews cannot but protest a wholesale, religion-based ban on entry to the US”.

How about that, Americans? I’ll bet you didn’t realize your grandparents bear responsibility for the Holocaust, did you? And for that you have no right to protect your own homes and families.

Anyone who pays attention to the immigration issue is used to Jewish hypocrisy and deception on this score, but what makes the Jerusalem Post‘s position even more galling is the fact the US has had religion-specific immigration policies before—the most recent targeted Jews, in fact. In 1989, the religion-based Lautenberg Amendment not only allowed, but funded, explicitly Jewish immigration to the United States. Yes, we paid Jews, and only Jews, to immigrate to the United States.

And to top off this incredibly hostile stance by our trusted friend, while Israel’s own immigration policy—indeed, the country itself—is religion-based and highly exclusionary, Jews are throwing everything they’ve got into making sure Donald Trump is defeated on the grounds we don’t deserve the same wise immigration policy Israel enjoys for itself.

For the Jerusalem Post, an Israeli paper, to condemn Donald Trump for proposing even a tepid step toward the very immigration policy Israel itself has implemented in the best interests of its own people, is utter treachery.

Whites who join Jews in the frantic effort to sabotage the Trump campaign are, indeed, goyim—cattle.